New Student Info

Dear PC Student-Athlete,

This website is intended to inform you of our policies and outline the steps we need you to take so we can provide you with the best care. These steps must be completed before you will be cleared to practice/play with your intercollegiate team.  It includes a Pre-Participation Physical Exam that must be conducted by a licensed medical or osteopathic physician and is only valid with the physician’s signature, initials, office/clinic stamp, and date.

Included you will find very important information regarding the PC Intercollegiate Athletic Accident Policy. It is intended to clarify PC’s insurance policy for injuries sustained while a Student-Athlete is participating at Porterville College.

For ease and continuity of care, we ask that each student athlete establish a primary care physician(PCP) in the Porterville area. Please check your insurance’s website or call the number on the backside of your insurance card to find a participating provider in Tulare County.

Additionally, if you are a Kaiser Permanente Customer, please contact your insurance company to establish either a Southern or Northern California Member Number/Card, if you don’t have one already, to facilitate care if and when needed while at Porterville College. Our closest Kaiser Permanente Providers are located about 47 miles south in Bakersfield or 81 miles north in Fresno.

If your insurance is through MediCal/MedicAid, please contact your eligibility clerk to change your manage care to Tulare County and to find a participating provider in the Porterville area.

Should you not have any insurance at all, please visit to check if you qualify for MediCal (FREE to individuals 21 years old and younger).