Athlete Portal Log-in / Legal Guardian Signatures

Click HERE or open browser and go to: (note: NO http or www/ mind spelling)

  • Log in with your Athlete ID and Password

Minors Only: Legal Guardian Signatures

  • Log in with your Athlete ID and Password
  • Click Athlete Information
  • Click Forms
      • Click Show details below for each form and
        • Have legal guardian
          • Sign
          • Print name
          • Click sign
          • Save at the bottom of the form
  • Repeat for all 7 forms
  • All 7 of your Forms MUST be signed by your legal guardian and yourself
    • Click eFiles
      • Consent to treat Minor form  → click View to download and print form. Have your legal guardian fill out and sign form, then scan and upload it into eFiles. Bring the hard copy to the Athletic Training Clinic along with your physical and PPE history form.